February 16 -March 2

Opening Reception: February 16th 6pm - 8pm

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Collideoscope: A Collision of Art Worlds

On August 11th 2016, Carina Francioso and her best friend Nathalie Santa hosted the first annual art exhibit called Collideoscope: A Collision of Art Worlds.  This one night event held at The Gladstone Hotel in Toronto’s west end art district truly created a unified vision of beauty that greatly impacted the Visual Art scene.


Art & Guests

Showcasing Artists

Artistic worlds blended that evening as the girls decided to share the venue with personally chosen local artists with diverse art forms such as: painting, photography, performance art, fashion design, live music, graphic design, the art of baking and floral art.  The artists came together like the bits of glass and beads in a kaleidoscope to create a unified ecstatic experience for everyone to enjoy.  The purpose of Collideoscope is to help support emerging artists.  Carina and Nathalie scout the artists and offer them a platform to showcase their talent without having to pay the exuberant prices demanded at other shows/exhibitions.

As successful and award winning artists in the art industry, Carina and Nathalie aim to inspire those who are pursuing a career in the arts to stay focused and overcome the struggles that show up on the pathway to success.  Both artists started off with a dream not only to make a living from their talent but also to help other artists make a reality out of their own dreams.  They both agree that the decision to become a full time artist is not an easy one but it is worth it!  They say  “it is important to remember, on a daily basis, to never let go of the very thing that makes you truly happy and that which ignites your passion… in our case, it is ART!”  They have worked hard to prove to the masses that art is not simply a hobby but can in fact be a real profession.

CITY Nights Article, Toronto Star Touch

Carina and Nathalie are eager to host Collideoscope again next year in the city of Toronto at a brand new venue with an exciting group of artists.  They look forward to incorporating other art forms such as culinary art, interior design and make up artistry.  This urban sophisticated, lounge/party art event was recently featured in the Toronto Star and Star Touch